The New GOP Ad Is Taking Social Media By Storm, It’s Utterly Devastating for Democrats

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June 27, 2018Jun 27, 2018

Dangerous rhetoric is sweeping through the American political landscape as members of President Trump’s family and his administration are coming under constant attack from major figures on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Last weekend, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was thrown out of a restaurant because she works for President Trump. A week prior to that, Hollywood Actor Peter Fonda disgustingly called for President Trump’s young son, Barron, to be taken away from Melania and thrown in jail with pedophiles.

The actions and words used against Republicans have severely crossed the line. Republicans aren’t just sitting back anymore. The Republican party just released a new ad that is setting social media on fire.

The new ad shows a compilation of video clips of some of the most outrageous anti-Trump statements that have been made by Democratic leaders and Hollywood celebrities.

The ad is devastating for Democrats in the fact that it shows some of their major figures in their own words, revealing to America how they truly feel about President Trump and his supporters.

Some of the meltdowns featured in the ad include Maxine Waters’ recent call for harassment, Madonna stating her dreams of blowing up the White house and Bill Maher hoping for an economic crash in America to bring down President Trump.

The devastating ad is sweeping across social media and drawing the attention of a lot of people.

Please share the ad and show America how these celebrities and political figures truly feel.