The Moment At The GOP Debate That May Have Changed The Whole Race

February 08, 2016Feb 08, 2016

The Republican debate on Saturday night was full of heated exchanges, but none more than an exchange between Florida senator Marco Rubio and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

The exchange began when Rubio was asked what accomplishments demonstrate his readiness to be president.  After talking about his time in the Senate, Rubio offered his thoughts on Obama.

“Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world.  That’s why he passed Obamacare, and the stimulus, and Dodd-Frank, and the deal with Iran.  It is a systematic effort to change America.  When I’m president of the United States we are going to re-embrace all of the things that made America the greatest nation in the world and we are going to leave our children with what they deserve, the single greatest nation in the history of the world.”

Rubio’s answer received a hearty applause from the audience.  It also received the attention of Chris Christie who was asked about Rubio’s qualifications.

Watch this heated exchange as Christie calls out Rubio for repeating the same line over and over again. 

Do you think this exchange hurt Rubio or helped Christie more?