The Media Is Ignoring This SHOCKING Truth About Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

January 30, 2017Jan 30, 2017

The mainstream media and liberal politicians throughout the country are up in arms over Trump’s latest action aimed at keeping Americans safe.

Last Friday, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily halting the issuing of travel visas to citizens of 7 middle-eastern countries that have known issues with terrorist organizations.

The countries affected by the temporary 90 day travel ban are Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and Libya.

The liberal media and politicians are trying to label this protective measure as a ban on all Muslims. There are, however, several major problems with that label…

The temporary suspension applies to all citizens of those 7 countries, regardless of their religious affiliation. Muslims are not being singled out. It just so happens that the majority of their populations are Muslim.

Another problem with the leftist’s theory that Trump’s action is a “Muslim ban” is that the total Muslim population in those 7 countries equals roughly 13% of the Muslim population throughout the world.

That means that 87% of all Muslims throughout the world are not affected by Trump’s temporary travel restrictions.

There are no travel restrictions for Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria or Egypt. According to Breitbart, those 6 countries account for over half of the world’s Muslim population.

If Trump were trying to ban all Muslims as the mainstream media is suggesting, he is doing an awful job as the top 6 countries with the largest Muslim populations are not restricted at all by Trump’s temporary travel restrictions.