The Left Isn't Happy With Hillary Clinton

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

As the midterm elections are approaching, a growing number of Democrats are purposefully not seeking out the endorsement of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In fact, they are doing the exact opposite: they are trying to distance themselves from her, believing that she is a liability to their electoral victory. 

According to Breitbart News, several self-described progressive candidates, including one in Arkansas, are distancing themselves from Clinton. 

"The Hillary endorsement divide is in the spotlight this week as she is expected to endorse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection at a Democratic state party convention," writes Breitbart News. They then add that the move will likely anger the far-left of the Democratic party, who support candidate Cynthia Nixon. 

The New York Times has claimed that a large number of Democratic candidates and operative no longer believe that Clinton is an asset to the party. As a result, they are seeking the opportunity to distance themselves from the candidate in hopes of garnering more support from the far-left. Apparently, many Democratic candidates and operatives believe that Clinton is too moderate. 

According to the New York Times: 

"Mrs. Clinton’s stunning defeat in 2016 delivered a blunt-force coda to the family’s run in electoral politics, and many Democrats are wary of seeing either of them re-engage. They worry that the Clinton name reeks of the past and fear that their unpopularity with conservative-leaning and independent voters could harm Democrats in close races. And among many younger and more liberal voters, the Clintons’ reputation for ideological centrism has little appeal."

At the same time, Hillary Clinton has remained unpopular among Republicans, too, especially as President Donald Trump continues to launch attacks against her. As a result, a recent Gallup poll has found that Hillary's approval rating is at the lowest level in years. 

It is also evident that Bill and Hillary Clinton have avoided high-level special elections in Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and have engaged only sparingly in off-year elections for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. Even in their own political backyard, in Arkansas where Clinton was governor, the Clintons have not been very active.

“I see the Clintons as a liability,” said Paul Spencer, a high school teacher running as a progressive in the Arkansas race, according to the New York Times. “They simply represent the old mindset of a Democratic Party that is going to continue to lose elections.”

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