The Latest Democrat Debate Fails All Americans, Moderators Refuse To Address THIS

February 13, 2016Feb 13, 2016

Presidential debates are a way for candidates to address millions of people and to clear the air about any issues that linger around their campaign.  The debates are also supposed to be a venue in which the moderators ask the tough questions that force the candidates to confront the scandals that plague them.

The Democratic debate hosted by PBS on Thursday night failed the American people in a huge way.  The moderators failed to ask any tough questions of the candidates.  According to Fox News, the moderators did not address Hillary Clinton’s alarming email scandal in which she received and sent classified and top secret emails over an unsecure server.

The moderators also failed to grill Hillary about the revelation that her foundation’s records had been subpoenaed by State Department.

While the serious scandals and allegations went unmentioned, both candidates spent time tearing down police officers and departments across the country and accusing them of racism. 

Bernie Sanders compared some police departments to “occupying armies” while Clinton pushed the idea that there is an issue of deep “systemic racism” in this country.

The Democratic candidates have put race front and center in their campaigns and have ultimately helped to neuter the police’s ability to perform their jobs.