The Last Known Person to be Born in the 19th Century Dies as Record Holder

April 22, 2018Apr 22, 2018

The last known person to be born in the 19th century and world record holder for oldest living person died of old age Saturday. Japanese woman Nabi Tajima was 117. Please pray for her family.

She died in her hometown of Kikai, which rests on the southernmost island of Japan. According to, she had been hospitalized since January. 

Tajima was born on August 4, 1900. That means she was 12 when Titanic sunk and was 14 when World War I began. By the time World War II commenced, she was already entering into her mid-life, at age 39.

Tajima inherited the honor of oldest living person and held it for seven months after Violet Brown of Jamaica died last September. Brown was also 117 when she passed on.

Chiyo Miyako, another Japanese woman who lives south of Tokyo, now assumes the title of oldest living person, according to Gerontology Research Group. She will turn 117 in 10 days.

The oldest living man in the world is also from Japan. According to the Guinness World Records, Masazo Nonaka is 112 years old.

Tajima had more than 160 descendants at the time of her death, which include great-great-great-grandchildren. Please pray for them during this difficult time, that they may find peace in her passing.

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