The Las Vegas Shooter May Have Had Other Targets

October 05, 2017Oct 05, 2017

According to multiple news outlets, the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, reportedly booked hotel rooms overlooking other music festivals. It’s possible that he might have been doing research.

Paddock rented several rooms at The Ogden hotel that overlooked the Life Is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas a week earlier. The concert ran September 22-24, and it featured Chance the Rapper, Lorde, and Blink 182.

“Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said it's unclear if Paddock was engaged in “pre-surveillance” of the event,” said Fox.

It was also reported that Paddock booked two rooms at Chicago’s Blackstone Hotel. That hotel overlooked the Lollapalooza festival in August. There were 400,000 people at that music festival, including Malia Obama.

According to sources, Paddock never showed up at his hotel room, says Fox.

These aren’t the only new details emerging. The story becomes more complicated the more police learn about Paddock.

Suicide may not have been the original plan

ABC News reported that police believe Paddock intended to escape after the shooting. However, they did not share any evidence or reasons to the news agency.

He spent the hours leading up to the shooting gambling

A woman who works at the Mandalay Bay Resort told ABC News that she spent 16 hours over the weekend serving Paddock. He was in the casino during her shifts there over the weekend.

The employee watched Paddock gamble “eight hours straight, from Saturday night to Sunday morning,” added ABC.

During that time, he played high-stakes video poker on machines in a separate, "exclusive" section of the casino.

As soon as the woman saw Paddock's picture on the news, she realized that he had been her customer the night before.

He tried to create an explosion

According to the Washington Examiner, Paddock hoped to create even more chaos and death on Sunday night. He aimed at large aviation fuel tanks while opening fire on the music festival.

“The 64-year-old was able to make his mark but the bullets did not breach the two circular tanks to potentially cause a massive explosion,” reported the Examiner.

The tanks are about 1,100 feet from the concert venue. They have since been inspected by FBI agents. However, the FBI declined to comment on the report.

Please continue to pray for everyone involved in the Las Vegas shooting. There's hardly anyone in the area who hasn't had a loved one impacted by the shooting. In other news, what one Las Vegas shooting victim when President Trump visited has millions of views. Find out why

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