The Invention You Thought Would Never Come Is Here

November 22, 2015Nov 22, 2015

Ever been tempted to spread loose Lego bricks in front of your home's entry points to thwart bare-footed burglars? Probably not, but you've likely experienced the same result when walking around the house in the dark — or even in broad daylight. There's just something about the way those knobby bricks are made that causes them to snuggle into the carpet yet hit every nerve ending in your foot when you press down upon them unaware.

But we now live in a world where a solution exists.


Believe it or not, according to Cnet, French company Brand Station has developed official Lego slippers. The ridiculously ugly yet super-soft footwear can even absorb the force of insole-crushing Duplo.

Ready to don a pair? Unfortunately, the slippers don't appear to be sold in America, but they are apparently being given away to 1,500 random people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website.

Now if they could just invent a sticky pair for kids that actually picks up the Lego, we'd have it made.