Actress Being Flamed for What She Just Said About Trump's Harvey Prayer Day

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

Last week, President Trump announced that Sunday would be designated as a "National Day of Prayer" for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the devastation that the storm produced, the president wanted to unite the country in prayer. 

While most people praised the president for his decision, others decided to mock it. Actress Alyssa Milano took to her Twitter account to makes jokes about the day of prayer. 

Milano called the day "National A****** Day." She used the devastation of Harvey to continue to bash President Trump and make fun of anyone who would join with him in prayer.

After she made her opinions known, her Twitter followers fought back. They called her out for making fun of religious people who were trying to make a difference through prayer.

While the president brought unity among churches and individuals across the country, Milano still wanted to find something to complain about. The actress has not responded to the criticism about her comment. 

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