The Incredible Thing That Happened When This Woman Stood In Front Of A Planned Parenthood Center

October 26, 2015Oct 26, 2015


The videos that many of us have seen are awful.  Beyond comprehension. And sometimes, you don't even want to watch any more, because the situation feels so helpless.  Congress isn't doing anything to stop Planned Parenthood from essentially killing and profiteering off of innocent babies, and so you almost just don't want to hear any more about an evil injustice you can't affect.

But we want to know that God is doing miracles with or without Congress. And He's using everyday people like you and me.


Shannon Higgins grew up in a really tough environment. She got pregnant at a very young age and the option to abort her baby was very real. But she chose to keep her baby and now her handsome son is 18 years old. After becoming a Christian, the passion to stop other women in tough situations from aborting their babies burned in her heart.


So, in addition to praying and posting pro-life messages on her Facebook, Shannon also goes to Planned Parenthood centers to give a message of hope to women considering abortion. Here, she shares an incredible story of when she went to a San Diego clinic last week:


Wow! What an incredible story. In talking with Shannon, she wanted to make sure we wrote this message: "Please note in your article this woman didn't give me any credit. She stated that she knew God was there that day. She knew He would take care of her through this pregnancy and He answered her prayers. He gets all the glory!"

Credit or not, we still think Shannon is amazing! And praise God that He saved one baby through her love and testimony! What do you think of Shannon' act of bravery to stand in front of a Planned Parenthood center? Please Share this article to show that anything is possible with God!