The Incredible Thing That Happened After This Coach Prayed On The Field--After He Was Ordered Not To

October 21, 2015Oct 21, 2015


Franklin Graham says we need more men and women with the boldness of Coach Joe Kennedy, and we totally agree.

In his latest Facebook post, Graham shares:



Kennedy's prayer is something like this: "Lord, I thank you for these kids and the blessing you've given me with them. We believe in the game, we believe in competition and we can come into it as rivals and leave as brothers."

And it draws in believers and non-believers alike on the field. Though Kennedy never asked players to participate, players began to join him, including agnostic Bremerton captain, Ethan Hacker.

Hacker told the Seattle Times, "It's about unity. We can be mad at each other all we want during a game and get upset, but once the game is over, that all goes away. What (Kennedy) does brings us all together no matter how much we despise each other."

Unfortunately, now Coach Kennedy is facing even more directives not to pray--with officials saying he can't even pray *after* the game, according to CNN.  He currently waits to see what will happen to him. 

What do you think of Coach Kennedy's actions? If you agree with him, will you post a prayer for him in the Comments? Thank you!