The Heartwarming Reason This Man Proposed to Two Women in The Same Day

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

When Will Seaton started dating Ashley Schaus in 2010, he knew she and her sister were a package deal. Ashley’s little sister, Hannah, has down syndrome, and the two are completely inseparable. In a story on HowHeAsked.Com, Ashley relates what she told Will when she introduced him to her little sister. 

“You have to accept her, love her, and include her in everything because she and I would attached at the hip forever.”

From that first moment, most of their dates included Hannah, and she became a central part of their relationship. In the years since she and Will started dating, "the three of us became best friends,” shares Ashley.

So when Will decided it was time to ask Ashley to marry him, he wanted to include Hannah in the proposal. Right before he asked Ashley to be his wife, Will asked Hannah to be his best friend forever.

“He got down one knee, using my grandmother’s ring, and asked Hannah if she’d be his best friend forever,” recounts Ashley, “I didn’t even think about myself, I was just so happy to have her experience such a sweet moment.”

But Ashley was about to experience a sweet moment of her own. After Hannah had accepted, Will turned to Ashely and asked her to marry him.

“I cried. Hannah cried. We all cried. And of course, we both said yes. It was the most amazing moment of my life.”

Will told ABC News that his relationship with Hannah is “a true blessing” because “Hannah reminds me that there’s a lot in life to 

Hannah can be a reminder of that to us all, and Will is an example of a man who goes above and beyond for the women he loves.

Ashley and Will will tie the knot in October 2017, and of course, Hannah will play an integral part in their wedding.