The GOP Race For South Carolina Heats Up, Shocking Rise For THESE Candidates

February 14, 2016Feb 14, 2016

Political season is in full swing.  New Hampshire served to prove that anything can and will happen as the race for the Republican nomination gets underway.  John Kasich and Jeb Bush shocked political pundits with their strong showing.  Donald Trump’s trouncing of the entire GOP field was shocking but not unexpected.

Now that the race moves to South Carolina, a new poll reveals how the race is shaping up.  According to Breitbart, there are a few surprises in the most recent poll.

Donald Trump still has a firm grip on 1st place with 36%.  Ted Cruz is far back in 2nd place with 20%.  Rubio rounds out the top 3 with 15% of the vote.

While the top 3 candidates are not surprising, the biggest jump in the polls belongs to John Kasich.  Following his strong showing in New Hampshire, Kasich jumped from 1% to 9%.  That move bumps him into 5th place and only 2% points behind Jeb Bush.