The First Family Does This One Thing Obama Never Did

April 17, 2017Apr 17, 2017

President Trump, Melania and Barron hosted the 139th annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House front lawn Monday morning. 

With over 20,000 adults and children in attendance, The First Family took a completely different approach to the festivities compared to years past. 

The whole event had many different aspects of paying respect to our military and troops both home and away. The Marine Corps Band performed during the event and President Trump and First Lady Melania both personally honored servicemen and women. 

While First Lady Melania greeted the guests, she made a special point to thank our troops, “I want to thank the military in this great nation and the servicemen and servicewomen all around the world who are keeping us safe,”

One of the highlights of the event, and the thing we never saw done the last 8 years, was the station set up where the guests could draw and write cards for our overseas troops. The President, First Lady, and son Barron also joined in the special activity.

President Trump took this event as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of honoring our troops. Many children were able to see the President making a special point to pay respect to the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep America safe. 

What do you think about the different approach our President took on this event? 

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