The End of an Era as Microsoft Announces the Removal of a Program

July 24, 2017Jul 24, 2017

After a 32 year run, Microsoft has announced the end of their beloved graphics editing program. Starting this Fall, Microsoft Paint will no longer be receiving updates and potentially no longer be developed.  

Microsoft said the program is a feature that is categorized as “deprecated” and “might be removed in future releases." That means it might not be making the cut once Windows 10 is released later this year.

This marks an end of an era for countless people. Throughout the three decade run, many can remember spending countless childhood hours doodling with the art program. The program became more of a time-wasting game than an actual helpful application.

Fans of MS Paint have taken to Twitter to say their goodbyes to the adored paint program. Many of them even using Paint to say farewell. While most users are sad to see it go, many admit they haven't used the program in years. However, it brings back fond memories for them.

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