The Duggars And The Mainstream Media Double Standard

December 07, 2015Dec 07, 2015

It is no shock that the vast array of liberal media outlets operate under a double standard.  For instance, they praise the Kardashians and vilify the Duggars. 


The liberal media and members of the progressive movement foster a deep hatred for religion; Christianity in particular.  They report on religion with derision, scorn, and mockery.  They hold anyone claiming to be a Christian to the highest of standards and eagerly awaits for their sins to unfold.  They then gleefully tear them apart while pointing and saying “look what this ‘Christian’ person did.”

Take the Duggar family as an example.  The family as an entirety openly practices their faith and does the best to their ability to honor God.  Except for one of them.  One out of nineteen children went astray. 

In a ‘normal’ family, if one out of two children go through life without committing major sins or getting in trouble, that would be considered an enormous success.  Nothing can nor should excuse Josh for what he did.  However, for the Duggar family as a whole to be vilified and mocked because of the actions of one is outrageous.

On the other hand, every mainstream media outlet rushes to “report” on every action of the Kardashians.  The less clothes they wear, the more the media praises them.  The more outrageous the their actions or comments, the more the media holds them up.  The media falls over themselves to declare Bruce Jenner a hero for dressing as a woman.

The Kardashians don’t claim to be faithful, therefore the liberal media celebrates their sins and actions.

The treatment of the Duggar family by the mainstream media has been so callous and prolonged that even some people of faith have turned their scorn to the entirety of the family.

Do you think the entire Duggar family deserves the hate they are experiencing because of the actions of one of their 19 children?