The Disturbing Truth Behind The ‘Peaceful Protestors’ In Charlotte, North Carolina

September 22, 2016Sep 22, 2016

Another armed man who ignores police orders gets shot and the media spreads a false narrative. The city erupts in violence. It is a story that plays out on an alarmingly regular basis.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, racist protests sprung up after a Black police officer shot and killed a Black man who wouldn’t drop his weapon. The news fed the public the lie that the man was carrying a book instead of a gun. This was quickly found to be false but the damage had already been done.


Rioters descended upon the city. Those involved cannot be described as protestors because destroying businesses, fighting with police and brutally attacking people who are of a different skin color are not actions of protest. Those are actions of hate.

After Keith Scott was shot, his wife called for and pleaded for people to not attack police or destroy the city. The rioters ignored her wishes and took to the streets to loot, burn and destroy.

Instead, the rioters and racial agitators seemed to have listened more to Scott’s brother who turned the justified police shooting into a racial issue. According to Fox, Scott’s brother wanted everyone to “just know that all white people are f****** devils, all white cops are f******* devils and white people.” Despite the police officer being a Black man, Scott’s brother showed his true nature. The racism that he displayed is at the very heart of the riots and the rioters themselves.

The mainstream media and even the Department of Justice are still addressing the rioters as protestors and implying that they are justified in their actions.

Just the other night during the race riots, a white man was brutally beaten by a mob of Black men as he begged for them to stop. Another man who was a cameraman covering the riots was nearly thrown into a bonfire based on the color of his skin. As a woman came over to help the man, she was pushed to the ground by one of the rioters. All the while, the rioters were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’

The truth is that these riots are nothing more than hotbeds for hate crimes. Instead of the federal government condoning the actions of the rioters, they should be prosecuting the hate crimes to the fullest extent of the law as they would if the races of those involved were reversed.