The Disturbing Thing You Might Not Have Noticed About This Photo

March 31, 2017Mar 31, 2017

Elizabeth Thomas has just been spotted with her abductor, Tad Cummins, on a security camera at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. However, there is one key detail few people are talking about.

Elizabeth appears to be wearing tad's shirt. At this time, we can't confirm if she is willingly staying with Tad or not. Either way, she has been disturbingly brainwashed and abused by her former teacher.

The recent images were taken on March 15th, two days after the pair went missing. TBI released the following statement on the leads.

"Late Thursday, after receiving information from a tip, investigators obtained surveillance images from a Walmart on East I-240 Service Road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from the afternoon of March 15th, showing Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas shopping at the store. Cummins used cash to purchase various food items, but did not purchase anything else of significance."

Cummins appears to have died his hair black and kept his beard. Thomas also appears to have red hair now, a noticeable change in her appearance.

Police are urging anyone in the area to be on the lookout for the two individuals.

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