The Deadliest Thing In America. It’s Not Guns Or Cars.

November 06, 2015Nov 06, 2015

If you only had the mainstream media to go by, you would think that guns were the number one killer of Americans.  That is not the case.

According to CNS news, the leading killer of Americans is drugs.  In 2013 there were 46,471 deaths from drug overdoses.  Of those overdoses, half were caused by painkillers and heroin.

In the same year there were 35,369 fatalities from car accidents and 33,636 deaths as a result of firearms.  The data did not specify how many firearm deaths were related to criminal activity.

The numbers show that there are more deadly things than firearms, but you would not hear about it from the mainstream media.  You will not hear the mainstream media calling for the ban of painkillers or cars.