The Dark Truth Behind the Popular Breed Known as 'Doodles'

September 24, 2018Sep 24, 2018

America is filled with dog loving people. Millions of people across the nation proudly own a dog as a pet.

For most owners, their animal is an extremely important part of their life. Many people even consider their dog to be a family member! In recent years, one breed, in particular, has gained a lot of popularity.

Known as "doodles", poodles are being bred with other breeds to pass on their intellect and most importantly, their non-shedding coats. However, some people are warning about buying a doodle.

“I opened a Pandora’s box, that’s what I did,” said the original doodle breeder, Wally Conron. “So many people are just breeding for the money. So many of these dogs have physical problems, and a lot of them are just crazy.”

While people love the idea of having a dog that doesn't shed, the increased demand has actually been problematic for the animals. Many people are exploiting doodles due to this reason.

"Demand for these dogs has led to a corrupt underground economy that funnels animals through puppy mills, swap meets, Internet sales and retail stores that often buy from disreputable sources," reported Fox.

However, that doesn't mean people should stop owning the breed. They can be some of the best dogs around. However, owners need to be vigilant when buying one.

"First, Bernstein says, never buy a teacup dog. Then, find a reputable breeder. Responsible breeders don’t sell their dogs over the Internet (although advertising their business online is fine). They shouldn’t ask you to meet in a parking lot (it’s more common than you think). They’ll deal in one or two breeds — not several. There shouldn’t be multiple litters available — you may have to wait for one. You should be allowed and encouraged to look around the breeder’s property. And you should be able to ask for references from past customers. Life can be "ruff" for a pup on its journey to a forever friend, says Bernstein, so it’s crucial people take their time to find a pet the right way," reported Fox.

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