The Cost Of Obamacare Is Going Up How Much? Unbelievable!

June 02, 2016Jun 02, 2016

Obama flat out lied to the American people on several occasions regarding his healthcare plan. Americans were told they would be able to keep their plan and doctors if they liked them. That was quickly proven to be a lie. He also promised that the plan would be affordable, according to Breitbart that has also been proven to be a lie.

In Texas, approximately 603,000 people will see their insurance premiums skyrocket by 60%. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas announced the massive price increase as a necessary measure to recoup some of the enormous losses that they have incurred since Obamacare was forced onto the American people. In the past two years Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has lost approximately $636 million dollars and has no choice but to increase the premiums to stay afloat.

The massive increase in premiums will cause incredible financial hardships of working families who make just enough over the minimum threshold to not be able to qualify for federal assistance.

Obama’s complete failure of an affordable healthcare act has the potential to bankrupt many families who cannot afford to pay the astronomical premiums and who will be hit with brutal fines if they don’t buy into Obama’s plan.