The Case That Could Determine Our Religious Freedom

November 04, 2015Nov 04, 2015


Every court decision is important because it sets a precedent--a domino effect that every subsequent case is built upon. It's like when Billy tells his mom he should be able to go to the movies without cleaning his room first because she let him last time. "Last time" is a very powerful concept.

So what are we looking at "this time"? Right now, in Kentucky, a case is rising through the ranks that is currently protecting a small printing business' decision not to print pro-gay Tshirts for a Pride parade. After their refusal, the Gay & Lesbian Services Organization in Lexington, Kentucky filed a complaint against "Hands On Originals", reports WND

But unlike recently preceding cases (like with Christian baker, Jack Phillips, who was ordered to make a same-sex wedding cake and go to "sensitivity training"), the Fayette Circuit Court sided with "Hands On Originals." And now, as WND reports, "The fight is pending before the Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Appeals, and the higher it goes, the bigger impact it will have."

Currently, various briefs are being written in defense of the printers. “The government may not require Americans to help distribute speech of which they disapprove,” said a UCLA School of Law brief. “Printers … have a First Amendment right to choose which speech they will help disseminate and which they will not. The district court’s grant of summary judgment, which correctly recognizes and protects this right, should therefore be upheld.”

The decision of the higher court will set a huge precedent for all other succeeding religious freedom and 1st Amendment cases. And the way things are going, there will probably be a lot of them. If the court rules in favor of Hands On Originals, it will be a huge victory for people who want to stand against the liberal tide. But if could solidify the direction the country is taking in stripping Christians of their religious freedom.

For now, we watch and wait to see what the higher court will decide. Will you write a prayer for Hands On Originals and this case--that God will fight for them and religious liberty will win out? Thank you so much!