The Big Fat Lie This Actor Told His Daughter About Her Gender

April 19, 2016Apr 19, 2016

Most parents tell their kids, "You can be whatever you want to be." But generally speaking, this is not what they mean. On a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, actor Chris Hemsworth appeals to Ellen DeGeneres' liberal ideals on gender and sexuality.


Hemsworth is dad to one girl (age 4) and two twin boys (age 2). He quite purposely shares the story of his daughter asking him if she can have the same private parts as her brothers. Now, in this culture, this is a tricky subject, as kids are being exposed to the positively-portrayed idea that men can be women and vice versa. 

But instead of graciously telling his daughter that she was made as a woman in God's image, Hemsworth tells his daughter something that never can be true. "You can be whatever you want to be," he said, as the audience broke out into applause. Watch the exchange between Hemsworth and DeGeneres here.

The truth is, as a biological girl with female DNA and sex hormones, Hemsworth's daughter will never be able to be a boy. Our culture, of course, teaches that one can try to change genders and even go through sex-replacement therapy, but it doesn't ever change the truth; one's biological sex is an objective reality. 

What would you tell your young child if they came to you with the same question? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments!