The Benham Brothers Just Sent Out A MAJOR WARNING To Christians

March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

We have been very blessed in America. Compared to other nations, we have been allowed to practice our faith with freedom; that is, in fact, much of why our nation was founded.

But times are swiftly changing, and the Benham Brothers, who have themselves felt the fire of standing for their faith, now are warning American Christians. 


As the twin brothers have gone across the country to speak at men's conferences, they've noticed a theme of Christians being challenged for their beliefs.

"One thing we want you to understand is that there is an attack on religious liberty in this country," David Benham warned.

"It may cost us something," he continued. "This is the first time in our generation and in our parents generation that it's actually going to cost us something to truly live out our biblical faith."

Jason went on to reference Jesus' words about being willing to give up whatever is needed to follow Him. The Benham Brothers believe that what many American Christians will need to sacrifice today is their popularity.

"It talks about, if the salt loses its saltiness it can't be made salty again. It's no good for anything but to be thrown out in the manure pile, but the verse proceeding that said if you are not willing to give up everything you cannot be my disciple," Jason explained, reports the Christian Post.

"That is the word for Christians today, let it go! Let go of your platform, let go of your reputation, Pastor, let go of your congregation; mom, let go of your great reputation as the mommy blogger that everybody loves."

"Just die to all that you love and speak the truth in love. Then let the perception be whatever the perception is because perception is not reality; truth is reality. If you focus on perception you're going to miss the truth so let's die to that and continue to be salty," Jason said.

The Benham Brothers have been a living example of what they are preaching. They were let go from their popular HGTV show after standing firmly for biblical marriage. Yet they have continued to speak out for God's truth, not backing down from tough issues like the transgender crisis.

What do you think of all you are seeing lately with religious freedom battles and the growing animosity against Christianity? Do you think that our generation will have to really sacrifice for our faith?

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