The Battle For North Carolina: Governor Files MASSIVE Lawsuit Against The Feds

May 09, 2016May 09, 2016

Obama and the federal government have tried to transform the entire country into their exceedingly liberal image. First they redefined the institution of marriage and now have turned to redefining gender. The battleground for Obama’s war on gender is North Carolina.

After North Carolina put legislation in place that protected women and children while using the bathroom, Obama’s justice department decided upon themselves that North Carolina’s law trampled on the civil rights of transgender people.  According to Fox news, the Department of Justice threatened the withholding of federal funds from the state unless they caved into their demands.


“I don’t think that three working days is enough time for such a pretty big threat,” NC Governor Pat McCrory said. “It’s the federal government being a bully.”

Not one to back down from the federal bully, McCrory filed a lawsuit against the overreach of the federal government. “The department’s position is a baseless and blatant overreach,” the suit said. “This is an attempt to unilaterally rewrite long established federal civil rights laws in a manner that is wholly inconsistent with the intent of Congress and disregards decades of statutory interpretation by the courts.”

It is refreshing to see states standing up to the rogue federal government and current administration. Do you agree?