The Backlash Over Target’s Anti-Woman And Child Policy Reaches New Heights

April 25, 2016Apr 25, 2016

In an effort to appear more liberal and inclusive, Target announced last week that they would allow anyone to use any bathroom or fitting room based they wanted based on what gender they decide they identify with.

Target’s policy has angered parents across the country who don’t want their children subjected to having to use the bathroom next to someone of the opposite gender.  Target’s harmful policy also opens the door to predators gaining easy company sponsored access to all bathrooms and fitting rooms.  Now a person can’t say anything if someone of the opposite gender walks in the bathroom or fitting room, without being labeled as hateful and a bigot.

The outrage against Target’s policy led to the American Family Association (AFA) circulating a petition for people to boycott the retail giant that puts all mothers and their children at risk to appease a very small group of people.

Since the petition began making the rounds, it has gained closed to half a million signatures and shows no signs of slowing down. According to Breitbart the actual number of people boycotting Target may be significantly higher as some of the signatures represent an entire family and not just one person.

The people have spoken and the message is clear. If Target isn’t concerned about the safety and well being of their biggest demographic, which undoubtedly is mothers and their children, then they will take their business elsewhere.

I for one know that I will no longer support Target. Will you?