The Attempt To Smear Ted Cruz That Backfired And Boosted His Campaign

December 27, 2015Dec 27, 2015

Politico has continued their descent from political journalism to tabloid with another attack on a top Republican candidate.  Earlier this year, Politico attempted to smear Ben Carson with a false story about him getting offered a scholarship to West Point.  The story backfired in a major way and Politico was left with egg on their face.

It seems that the media outlet did not learn from their previous hit piece and recently took a shot at top Republican contender, Ted Cruz.  They ran a story titled “What Ted Cruz said behind closed doors: A secret tape from a New York fundraiser could mean trouble for a candidate selling authenticity.”


On this “super secret tape” from the campaign trail Cruz was asked about same sex marriage from a person in the crowd.  “Given all the problems that the country’s facing, like ISIS, the growth of government – how big a priority is fighting gay marriage going to be to a Cruz administration?”

“My view on gay marriage is that I’m a constitutionalist and marriage is a question for the states.  And so I think if someone wants to change the marriage laws of their state, the way to do so is convince your fellow citizens and change them democratically, rather than five unelected judges.  Being a constitutionalist is integral to my approach to every other issue.”

The man then asked if gay marriage was at least a top three issue to Cruz.  “No.  I would say defending the Constitution is a top priority.” Cruz replied, “And that cuts across the whole spectrum, whether it’s defending the first amendment, defending religious liberty, stopping courts from making public policy issues that are left to the people.  I also think the 10th amendment of the Constitution cuts across a whole lot of issues and can bring people together.  People of New York may well resolve the marriage question differently than the people of Florida or Texas or Ohio.  That’s why we have 50 states, to allow a diversity of views.  And so that is a core commitment.”

Politico reported Cruz’s statements as major contradictions to what he said earlier in the year when he launched his campaign and his and also statements he made after the Supreme Court ruling.  The major contradiction they argue is that Cruz said his beliefs in traditional marriage would play a large role in his campaign. 

While trying so hard to brand Cruz as not authentic, Politico exposed all of their readers to the very message of ‘fighting for the Constitution’ that Cruz has been trying to get out since before his run for the Senate when he argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as the Solicitor General of Texas.