The Amazing President Trump Victory the Media is Trying to Hide from you

May 05, 2017May 05, 2017

As most American's know, President Trump's agenda is centered around making America great again. Since he took office last January, he has had many successes and followed through on campaign promises.  

One of President Trump's main objectives is creating more jobs for the American people. Last month proved just how important job growth is to the Trump Administration.  

In April alone there were an impressive 211,000 jobs created. Unemployment also fell to 4.4% which is the lowest it has been since May of 2007. 

The New York Times also reports that with this 10-year low unemployment rate, both hiring and wages have increased. 

What do you think about how President Trump is following through on his campaign promises?

Do you think the mainstream media will praise President Trump for this dramatic job increase?

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