The 5 Things This 110 Year Old Woman Credits Her Health To

August 05, 2015Aug 05, 2015

When you ask people what will contribute to a long life, there are certain common answers: healthy eating, exercise, limited stress, etc.


3 beers and a shot of scotch is not normally on that list.  But that, along with total dependence on God, is what Agnes Fenton of Englewood, NJ credits for her long life.

Agnes turned 110 last Saturday.  When asked about the secret to her long life, she said, "When I was 100 years old, I went to the mirror to thank God that I was still here.  And I thank him every morning.  I've nothing to complain about.  You’ve got to have God in your life.  Without God, you’ve got nothing.”

According to this article, her doctor gave her some unusual advice when she was diagnosed with having a benign tumor.  He told her, “Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Life’s a day.”

So everyday for the past 70 years, Agnes has enjoyed 3 beers and a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch.  Her alcohol regiment has recently been retired as her caretakers are concerned with her consuming alcohol given the fact that she eats so little.

Agnes' doctor for the past 20 years, Dr. Kenneth Wasserman, is astonished by her longevity: “The few things she’s had wrong with her have disappeared in ways they should not have.  Her health has been phenomenal. … She’s completely, thoroughly amazing.”

A little bit of beer and a lot of God is Agnes' secret to long life.  What's yours?