The View’s Sara Haines Laughs Off Wardrobe Malfunction

The View Sara Haines Discovers She Ripped Her Skirt Live TV Broadcast

Sara Haines.
ABC/Peggy Sirota

The show must go on! While The View Cohosts shared their summer events. Sara HainesIt was an interesting start to the broadcast.

“I just ripped my skirt,” Haines, 44, said during the Tuesday, September 6, episode of the show. “You know when I said it was tight? Look at this.”

The Iowa native took the stand to share the wardrobe mishap with cohosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny HostinAnd Alyssa Farah Griffin. “I can’t breathe, it was a really good vacation,” Haines joked during the Tuesday broadcast.

The former Good Morning America She laughed about the embarrassing moment and was in good spirits for broadcast. Meanwhile, she entertained her ABC colleagues with stories from her summer vacation.

“My dad turned 80 and my whole family went to Maine,” she gushed, referring to husband Max ShifrinAlec, Sandra, Caleb and their children. “It was my siblings, the grandbabies, the partners; everyone. It was a week of drinking, playing cards, and eating. It was so wholesome just being together [time].”

Haines has been a permanent fixture The View since 2020’s season 24 after previously serving as a guest at the table.

“When I joined, there was this chill camaraderie — definitely disagreements but then it was done — and then there was a time that was more fiery and this last season has felt back to normal,” the Chase The host said it. Des Moines Register Last month. “We can disagree and none of us take it personally. Conversation has gotten back to ideas, which is what it should be. You walk away [every day] and leave it behind and come back — it feels good again.”

She added at the time: “The View is about tuning in. It’s an honor to sit at that table but you have to know where you stand and read into a lot.”

While Haines — who previously appeared on the Today show and ABC’s Strahan and Sara — is no stranger to live TV and dealing with unexpected events including wardrobe challenges, she is also focused on raising her three little ones.

“I think [going from two] to three, I haven’t really completely noticed because you already know that you just are going to have to divide and conquer,” Haines previously told Us Weekly September 2019,. “So I don’t think I’ve felt the jump as supremely. It’s just keeping those toddlers, who are, like, climbing the walls, alive.”

During Tuesday’s season 26 premiere, Haines even noted that she enjoyed being with the kids and handling school drop-off during the View hiatus. “I felt like such a mom [when I pulled up],” she added.