The Ultimatum’s Shanique, Randall on Zay, Madlyn Romances

It’s one thing to give an Ultimatum,And it’s another thing to watch the consequences back. Shanique Imari and Randall GriffinIn an exclusive interview with them, they opened up about filming the Netflix reality series. Us Weekly.

“I’m the one who gave Randall the Ultimatum and ultimately, you know, it just came down to the fact that we were having a lot of conversations about what we could potentially be,” she exclusively told Us WeeklyPrior to the Wednesday, April 6 premiere “I [wanted to] see some intention behind it on Randall’s part. I thought giving him an ultimatum would be the best way to kind of jumpstart that.”

Shanique moved in with Shanique after joining the Netflix show. Zay WilsonRandall moved in with Randall for three weeks Madlyn Ballatori. The original couple reunites after the trial marriages.

“I was really shocked at how easy it was for Randall to date someone else,” Shanique told Us. “Obviously, I’ve never seen him date anyone else besides me, but even then, I mean, we started as friends, so it was a very, kind of, slow progression to things getting romantic. … Or as he said, like, really being vulnerable and emotional about certain things.”

Shanique and Randall from ‘The Ultimatum’ with an inset of fellow cast member Madlyn.
Netflix; Courtesy Madlyn Riley Ballatori/Instagram

She added that she was “very surprised” to watch the show back and see his connection with Madlyn, who joined the show with boyfriend Colby Kissinger.

“I was like, ‘Wow,’ [at how] instantly they just kind of were able to open up to each other,” Shanique continued. “And I think that, in part, that has to do with how the experience is structured.”

Randall said that Shanique and Zay watching from far was the hardest part of his job.

“Every day we all had different talking points — what we want to talk about, things that we could work on within ourselves, as well as our relationship, in order for whoever that person ends up with to be their better selves,” he said. “So just seeing Shanique and Zay together, obviously, the jealous bone kicks in. … I think that was just the hardest part is seeing her laugh and smiling, [like], ‘What you smiling [about]Over there? That was just the hardest thing, just to see her enjoy self with somebody else because you don’t want to think about that.”

Season 1The UltimatumNetflix streaming. To see Shanique and Randall’s current position, fans will need to tune in to the reunion and finale.

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