The Ultimatum’s Jake, Rae Deny Having Sex, Detail Their Connection

Season 1 is the first season to see new pairings The Ultimatum, it’s safe to say Rae Williams And Jake CunninghamThe strongest connection.

“Jake and I, you know, we had a strict rule as far as physical things went,” Rae told Us WeeklyExclusively ahead the Wednesday, April 6 premiere of the new Netflix program. “I kissed him a lot. I was one who initiated kissing with him, but we didn’t take it past kissing. And that was really important to both of us.”

Rae was part of the reality series.Zay WilsonFor him to propose, he issues an Ultimatum. Jake’s partner, April Marie, meanwhile, was also ready to get engaged, but he wasn’t. The show featured a three-week trial marriage between the couples. After that, they reunited with their OG partner to decide their future. According to Rae, she and Jake “definitely both felt guilty” about their chemistry on the series.

The Ultimatum’s Jake and Rae Explain Their Connection

Jake Cunningham, Rae Williams
Courtesy of Jake Cunningham/Instagram; Courtesy of Rae Williams/Instagram

“The whole time that you’re going on these romantic dates and you’re connecting and you’re living with this person living your day-to-day life with them — in the back of your mind is always the jealousy that you have toward your original partner and what they’re experiencing,” she told Use. “And then just the guilt for, like, sometimes [I’d] get really happy and I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy right now. I love being with this guy. I can’t wait to go home and cook dinner with him and watch a movie and do whatever.’ And then I was like, ‘I should not feel like this.’”

Jake, for his part, confirmed to Us that the twosome didn’t cross the lines set by April and Zay.

“I didn’t wanna do the show, so going on and having to do that experiment and me still sticking to her guidelines that she wanted — like, she’s the one that wanted to do it. She’s the one that wanted to experiment around and see all this. So honestly me and Rae were very respectful doing the whole situation,” he told Us. “No matter how it looks, we did not have sex. The only thing we did was to kiss. I slept in a separate bed for the first five days on the show.”

He added: “So honestly, I was very respectful. … April was doing a lot more than I was. So at that time, I felt OK about what I was doing.”

Rae and Zay Meet the Cast of Netflix The Ultimatum The Ultimatum’s Jake and Rae Explain Their Connection

Rae and Zay

Jake also shared his story Use that he didn’t agree to shoot the series until the “last minute,” implying that April wanted to go on the show for notoriety.

“I think it was more for the fame. … She loves social media. I prefer to keep my personal life private. That’s a big reason why I didn’t want to do it,” he said. “I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but I did have an engagement planned out for her before we [did the show]. I wasn’t gonna tell her because it was supposed to be a surprise.”

April and Jake Meet the Cast of Netflix The Ultimatum The Ultimatum’s Jake and Rae Explain Their Connection

April and Jake

Season 1 The UltimatumNetflix is streaming it. To see where April, Jake, Rae, and Zay are now, fans will need to tune in to the reunion and finale.

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