‘The Ultimatum’ Cast Reacts to the Biggest Season Finale Shockers

What they didn’t see coming. The cast of The Ultimatum was present for all of season 1’s drama, but even they were shocked by some of the surprises revealed in the finale.

Many of the contestants on the Netflix show were not prepared for the wedding between them. Madlyn BallatoriAnd Colby KissingerAfter many ups, downs, and a lot of drama over the previous episodes, the couple got married in the finale. They are also expecting their first child together.

“That was a shocker,” April MarieOnly spoken Us Weeklyahead of the finale, which aired on Wednesday April 13th, “Seeing her at the reunion and seeing her with her baby bump, it just hit [me] — The UltimatumIt changed our lives. Seeing that that was the outcome of their experience on here, I was just blown away.”

The Ultimatum Cast Reacts to the Biggest Season Finale Shockers
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Alexis MaloneyFor her part, she was also surprised to learn that Colby and Madlyn had decided to settle down after a turbulent season. “Clearly, that was the right decision for them,” she told Use. “They must have worked through a lot, so I’m happy for them and only wish them the best.”

She added that she didn’t have an “amazing” time with Colby when they went on a date together during the show, but she ultimately credited the experience with helping her decide to stay with Hunter Parr. The couple left the show early and will exchange vows this year.

“Some of the stuff he said was a little jarring,” Alexis said of Colby. “But thankfully, it made it a little bit easier to kind of say ‘next’ on him and get engaged to Hunter. So, all in all it worked out.”

Another hot topic was the finale. Zay WilsonAnd Rae Williams‘ split. Rae left the show with Jake Cunningham after they hit it off during their trial marriage, but they’re no longer together now that filming is over.

Despite the post-show drama, some of the duo’s castmates think the trial marriage was still a net positive because it showed that Zay and Rae weren’t meant to be.

“I think what happened, in my honest opinion, was supposed to happen,” Shanique Imari told Us. “I don’t know that they were the best match for each other. So, I’m happy that Rae and Jake did have some sort of connection.”

During the reunion, Rae revealed that she has been seeing a woman. “She’s amazing. I had a really good connection with her,” she said, adding that she’s keeping it “casual” as she explores her sexuality.

Still, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a reunion with Jake in the future. “Jake is just a total gem, like, he’s a gentleman,” sheTelled Us in March. “I think that he absolutely deserves the world. I think him and I both just need a little bit of time to heal, especially with the show now coming out, it’s reopening a lot of old emotions. His DMs are closed ladies. Don’t DM him. Give him some time, that’s where we’re at. I care for him a lot and I just wanna see him be happy.”

The Ultimatum is now streaming on Netflix.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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