The Truth About Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert’s Latest Feud

Are you Miranda LambertAnd Blake SheltonA proxy war with restaurants Both of their Nashville restaurants are owned by their exes. One report suggests that they want to outfox one another. Gossip Cop investigates.

Shelton And Lambert’s ‘Food Fight!’

According to the GlobeLambert and Shelton remain bitter over their divorce. They own two restaurants in Nashville, and sources claim Shelton is angry that his is cutting into his profits. “The competition between their restaurants has intensified,” a source reveals.  “They’re only a short walk away from each other, but Miranda’s establishment has that magic something that appeals to locals and tourists.”

Another insider explains why Lambert is winning — Shelton has “neglected his restaurant.” His menu is stale, and the drinks are lame. Lambert is enjoying life as Shelton stews. A source concludes, “Miranda’s loving every minute she’s besting him.”

What’s Going On With The Exes

Six years ago, Shelton & Lambert were divorced. You’d think time would put an end to these catty rumors, but you would be wrong. Shelton famously wed Gwen Stefani this year, so it’s safe to say he has other things on his mind. Lambert remarried, and appears happy with Brendan McLoughlin.

Tabloids would have us believe that Lambert and Shelton are obsessed with each other and treat every milestone as a personal insult. In reality, they’ve moved on. There’s bound to be residual hard feelings, but people don’t invest in restaurants to get petty revenge. That’s literally a Curb Your Enthusiasm plot.

As Gossip CopAlready, he has pointed out the Globe, Lambert’s restaurant is strategically placed in Nashville along a strip of other restaurants. She doesn’t want to leech customers off Shelton; she wants foot traffic. You could say Lambert is feuding with Kid Rock and Luke Bryan as well, but that wouldn’t sell a magazine. This would be like saying Bubba Gump Shrimp has beef with the M&M Store because they’re near one another. It’s flat-out stupid.

Other Tall Tales

This outlet sang a completely different tune back in February. It claimed Lambert was fantasizing over Shelton because McLoughlin was a too big city boy. Now, she is mad at her ex. This tabloid should do the least possible to keep track of its silly continuity.

Gossip CopAlso, it was busted for its story about Lambert separating Garth Brooks from Trisha yearwood. This never happened. The GlobeEvidently, this story doesn’t know what it is talking about.