The podcast that lets you tune in to the British landscape

Not all rural sounds offer aural bliss. “We’ve covered approximately 400 miles on foot in search of places to record,” said Sugden, “not the usual chocolate box places, but ones with interesting sound, such as [Birmingham’s]Spaghetti Junction and industrial areas. For us, it is about finding and sharing beauty from everyday places.” 

Added Huddy: “It’s been a big challenge, because we are such an unusual podcast, to help people understand what it was about. We now get messages every week from people describing the different ways they use Lento, and what it means to their lives. The audience is really driving us on.” 

People have started recording and sharing their own soundscapes with the couple, “which we love”, said Sugden. “We get messages saying we have helped people listen more when they are out in nature. Our mission is to make listening to the landscape on a level with looking at the landscape.”

MJames Armes – ain photo