The Pearsons Move on After Rebecca’s Death

Justin Hartley plays Kevin, Chrissy Metz plays Kate, and Sterling K. Brown plays Randall.
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Just like Mandy MooreAs promised, the This Is Us series finale is a “warm hug.” After six seasons, the fan-favorite show came to an end with one final episode, titled “Us,” on Tuesday, May 24.

The This Is Us series finale started just like the penultimate episode ended — with Rebecca (Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in bed together. However, fans quicky realize this is a flashback scene and they’re both very much alive.

Jack and Rebecca have a Saturday off during the flashback to spend with their children. Kate and Rebecca watch home movies together, while Jack shows Randall how to shave. They then play pin the tail on a donkey, and Kate wins.

“As long as I know where you are I always know where I’m going,” the youngster told her family about how she knew exactly where to put the tail. As she grew up, viewers saw the meaning of this statement.

The Pearson Family Lays Rebecca to Rest in 'This Is Us’ Series Finale

Milo Ventimiglia portrays Jack, and Mandy Moore portrays Rebecca.
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

In the present, the Pearsons get ready for Rebecca’s funeral where Randall (Sterling K. BrownKate (Chrissy MetzTo honor her mother, ) sang. Randall tells Beth that Beth is the one who will be standing up in front her family and friends.Susan Kelechi Watson) that he’s ready for their next chapter.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) spoke with his now ex-wife, Kate, and gave her words of encouragement. The former flames shared their love for each other, even though they’ve since split.

Following the service, Randall is met with adult versions of his daughters and pregnant Deja revealed that she’s having a baby boy and wants to name him William. This led into another flashback scene — which included a surprise appearance by Ron Cephas Jones — where William (Jones) is discussing what it’s like to be a grandfather to Annie and Tess.

Kevin (Eventually)Justin Hartley) and Kate join their brother to talk about what’s next now that their parents are gone. “We’re going to live fearlessly,” Kate told her siblings.

She announced her plans for more music schools for the visually impaired. Kevin stated that he would concentrate on his non-profit, while Randall would like to continue his political career.

When reflecting on their mother’s death, Randall wonders why Rebecca squeezed his hand right before she died. Then, the show cut to her on the train from last week’s episode in bed with Jack.

“I’m scared,” she told him. He replied, “I know but don’t be.”

Rebecca expressed concern about the death of her husband, but explained that she wanted to do more with the children.

“It’s hard to explain but you’ll do all those things with them,” Jack told her. He squeezed her hand, and the show was over.

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