The Meadows Texts May Be the Watergate Tapes of the 1/6 Inquiry

More than a year into Donald Trump’s increasingly disturbing post-defeat effort to topple the republic in the name of personal vengeance, it is easy to forget what an unmitigated clown show his administration was. Even amid the deliberately inflicted fascist chaos, there were plenty of moments when the White House couldn’t manage the recipe for buttered bread. Mark Meadows is a shining example.

“The House on Tuesday voted to hold former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in criminal contempt of Congress,” reports The Washington Post, “for defying a subpoena issued by the bipartisan committee investigating the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob…. Members of the Jan. 6 panel have long said the information they seek from Meadows, a onetime North Carolina congressman, is not protected under any kind of executive privilege as the bipartisan panel investigates the insurrection, what former president Donald Trump did that fateful day and the actions leading up to the riot.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Meadows history, the former South Carolina House member rode to office on the Tea Party tidal waves of 2012. He is a founding Member of the now-notorious Freedom Caucus, which exists only in order to devastate and destroy the government that provides it. Meadows is famous for voting against aid for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, helping to bounce John Boehner from the Speaker’s chair for being too liberal, shutting down the government to prevent people with pre-existing medical conditions from getting insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, voting against renewing the Violence Against Women Act because that’s what “God’s country” wanted him to do, and opposing any form of restrictions on gun purchases.

After becoming chief of staff in 2019, Meadows was almost religiously devoted to whatever deep-fried nonsense fell from Trump’s mouth on any given day. Meadows was aware that he was the fourth person to hold this office in three years and that his predecessors had been publicly humiliated and chopped down by Trump before his abrupt departure. He did his best to follow the line. He lasted until the last day of administration for 295 days.

During Meadows’s tenure, the top two issues on Trump’s mind were the fictional stolen election and his insistence on downplaying the menace presented by COVID-19. Meadows has much to answer to for his actions on the former. He actively dismissed the effectiveness masks and advised Trump to do so to not infuriate the GOP base. Meadows was also notoriously hostile towards the scientists advising the Administration on the pandemic. He would often attack or undermine Anthony Fauci for saying anything which might be politically harmful to the administration.

It was Meadows’s open devotion to Trump’s “We Wuz Robbed!” election theft quest that has drawn the attention of the select committee. Meadows abruptly retracted his cooperation, after initially agreeing that he would cooperate.

However, he also released transcripts of text messages he exchanged on January 6th with Republican lawmakers who were trapped inside the building. Fox News personalities who feared the riot would negatively affect Trump’s public standing.

These documents were discovered, and the result was one of the most dramatic nights in the history of Capitol dome. “AsThe Jan. 6 committee voted to hold Meadows in contempt Monday night,” reports the Post, “one of its two Republicans, Rep. Liz Cheney, read aloud some texts that Meadows had received and sent on Jan. 6. They include Fox News personalities arguing to Meadows that the scenes were hurting what they clearly viewed as a common cause and that Trump wasn’t doing enough to stop them. They also, remarkably, included the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., rebuking his own father for insufficient steps to quell the violence.”

Meadows recently published a book that aimed to shine a positive spotlight on the Trump White House. Because he included the revelation that Trump had tested positive before his first debate with Joe Biden, Trump erupted and called the book “fake news.” To mollify him, Meadows actually appeared before the press and agreed: The book is indeed fake news.

It has been noted, that the document dump Meadows provided many of the most captivating bits to the committee. didn’t make it into the book. Liz Cheney gave those bits a live airing last night. “What little we know of those private communications is plenty damning enough,” reports The Daily Beast. “On Monday night, as the committee voted to hold Meadows in criminal contempt, Rep. Liz Cheney read aloud text messages to Meadows from Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity, and even Trump’s own son Don Jr., in which they all begged to have the president intervene. He did not.”

Meadows likely knows a hell of a lot more than he’s saying about what really went down on 1/6, and who was behind it. He has been indicted for his failure to cooperate, and faces a steep climb in the courts trying to hide behind Trump’s laughable argument for immunity. Even without his testimony the texts he sent to and fro the entire right-wing mesosphere that day paint a vivid image of how wide and deep the attempted coup was.

There’s a sniff of Watergate here, if only in the way the players involved chose to record and document their activities and interactions without a care for who might see them someday. Another Trump staffer bollixed a loaf of buttered bread. Nothing has changed.