The lamps made from old umbrellas, plus other eco homeware designs

1. Desk accessories made from food packaging

bFRIENDS by BeneThis collection of accessories for desktops is made from discarded food packaging. The collection includes pen pots and trays as well as a stand for mobile phones. The 3D-printed products are made from 100% recycled PLA, which is a cornstarch-derived bioplastic. At the end of the products’ lives, they can be returned to the company to be recycled again – or put in household recycling. 

The 3D-printing process is performed by Batch.Works in London. Instead of being cut from a larger block or injected moulded, the products are constructed layer by layer using a single continuous line bioplastic. This reduces waste and makes it possible to manufacture them quickly on demand. 

Batch.Works’ print facilities are also wind-powered, meaning that production is energy-efficient, keeping carbon emissions during production close to zero. 

“Using 3D-printed post-consumer bioplastic fits into the new models of production and consumption that we all need to embrace,” says Luke Pearson, from Pearson Lloyd, the design company behind bFRIENDS. Prices range between €15 and €59 (£12.80–£50).

Image by Alex Saringson