The Green Party Annual Conference- what to expect.

The Green Party’s Autumn Conference starts today in Harrogate.  The conference will run at the town’s Convention Centre until Sunday.

As with last years event, the conference will be fully hybrid, and members can choose between attending in person or joining and voting online.

The Conference is expected to debate the  current energy crisis with the party leadership unveiling their ‘emergency proposals’ for green energy solutions and the introduction of a wealth tax

Speaking on Sky News this morning, the co-Leader of The Green Party, Adrian Ramsay said, “ “We would like to see a tax on wealthiest 1% in order to generate income to invest in a greener economy.”


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He added that this policy would be an“anti-inflationary measure” which would stabilise the economy, and that the root cause of the crisis is that the UK have the “leakiest homes in Europe”

Ramsay responded to a question about whether it was feasible for the UK to convert to green energy.

“Investing in genuine clean renewable energy would help keep people’s bills down because the cheapest and greenest energy bill is the one you don’t have to pay”.

Carla Denyer, Green party coleader, last night called for an even more significant windfall income tax. She also called for massive investments in home insulation and a resurgence of renewable energy in Britain.

Although the Labour party has made similar noises at its conference in Liverpool this week, notably with its plan for a publicly owned green energy company, Denyer said her party were disappointed that Labour’s proposals were not “nearly as big as they thought they were”.,.

But when it comes to proportional representation, the Green’s have welcomed the proposal with open arms. Zack Polanski, deputy leader, said:

“It’s promising to see Labour members vote overwhelmingly to join with the rest of Europe and embrace modern, fair and proportional elections in the UK. However, it’s disappointing that Keir Starmer appears to remain unmoved by the democratic rights of his own members.”

The conference will also discuss plans for the NHS and the Basic Income Pilot in Wales.

The latest YouGov poll shows the Labour party at 54%, nine points higher than their previous record high with YouGov Monday, and the Conservatives at 21% of current voter intention, down seven point.

The current Green Party score is 6%, one point lower than the previous poll.