The Game Says 50 Cent’s Rap Career Is Dead: That’s Why You Ran To TV!!

The Game slammed 50 Cent and declared that his rap career was over.

After 50 posted a video on social media showing Jimmy Iovine ignoring him, The Game became mad.

“[Laughing emoji]LOL The Man didn’t even glance at him. Get this guy outta here 50 wrote these records. Fif.

“N*gga, I ain’t even see Mr. Burns [And[ if you wrote my records… write you one today & put it out n*gga !!! Your rap career died wit them loli pop strap tank tops [lollipop emoji] .. you a actor, n that’s why you ran to tv… give us season 2 of that Tommy bullsh*t & leave this rap sh*t to n*ggas who can spell correctly & actually got bars goofy n*gga !!! #HeGoneDeleteThisCommentInTheCar,” he clapped back in Fif’s comments.