The Australian Firefighters Calendar is back with more shirtless heroes and adorable animals

Are you looking for shirtless firefighters or adorable animals? We’re here!

The Australian Firefighters Calendar, now in its 29th year, is back and hotter than ever. The group has six editions of the world-famous calendar series that features adorable Australian firefighters posing with cute animals.

The editions include the classic calendar that shows solo shots of the firefighters and four animal editions—cats, dogs, horses, and mixed animals—where the mighty men are joined by cute creatures, including native Australian species.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

For the first time, the calendar will feature a summer edition. It features firefighters wearing swimsuits and enjoying the Australian beaches. Australia’s fittest firefighter, Matt Haydon, graces the cover of the summer calendar.

But the thing that remains constant is the calendar’s pledge of goodwill. Every edition donates its proceeds for charity, as always.

Previously, the recipients of the support were Australian nonprofits. But, since the calendar has a worldwide following, the series is expanding its charitable efforts.

Australian firefighter posing with a cat
Australian Firefighters Calendar

The calendar will be distributed to the U.S. market outside Australia and printed in Dallas, Texas before being distributed to U.S., Canadian and South American supporters.

Another first for the Australian Firefighters Calendar was its partnership with Greater Good Charities in the U.S. They aim to support the organization’s Rescue Rebuild program, which helps animals like those seen in many of the calendar’s spreads.

Australian firefighter walking with two horses
Australian Firefighters Calendar

The program aims to renovate shelters for domestic violence, animal shelters, or homeless shelters so that people and animals in dire need can receive the best care.

One of the projects that Greater Good Charities will support is the “Lost Our Home” renovation. The group’s rescue team will execute the project with the Jackson Galaxy Project. The shelter will have new rooms to accommodate domestic violence victims.

Australian firefighter posing with a dog
Australian Firefighters Calendar

Lesley McCave, director of partnerships at Greater Good Charities stated in a statement:

“The Greater Good Charities are so excited to be partnering with the Australian Firefighters Calendar, we have been a huge supporter of their work through our social media channels for years now. This will be the start of a long-lasting partnership on charity projects across the U.S.”

Australian firefighter posing with a horse
Australian Firefighters Calendar

The decision to support U.S. charities was made, in part, as a show of gratitude for the generosity that American animal lovers showed during Australia’s tragic 2019-2020 bushfire season.

The profits from the calendar’s fans in the U.S. benefited Australia’s Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. It enabled the facility to provide the best care possible for wild animals, including many koalas who were severely burned by the deadly fires.

Australian firefighter posing with a black eagle
Australian Firefighters Calendar

“When the bushfires occurred earlier this year, I had a nine-week-old baby at home and felt helpless for all the wildlife that were affected. When this position popped up on my computer, I applied straight away as I felt I could really try and make a difference,” Dr. Bree Talbot, a wildlife veterinarian at the hospital, said at the time.

“The support the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital received from the U.S. was phenomenal and it continues to this day. The funds have enabled us to start building another mobile hospital to support our wildlife in the event of further wildfires,” CEO Stephen Van Mil of the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital said.

Australian firefighter posing with cat
Australian Firefighters Calendar

The hospital will also receive proceeds from the Australian Firefighters Calendar’s sales for 2022, along with several other charities.

The group has raised $3.2 Million since 1993! What’s not to love about this calendar? Click here to place an order.

Visit its Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about the Australian Firefighters Calendar.

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