Thank A Veteran

August 26, 2015Aug 26, 2015

There are over 20 million veterans alive today in America.  Some served in World War II; some just came back from service in this past year.  They have served their country and helped America remain free.  Here are 4 simple things you can do to express gratitude.

1)  If you know someone who served in the military, just say to them -- or drop them an email -- with the message "I just wanted to say Thank you for your service to our country."

2)  Find a veteran's group in your area -- you can look for one online -- and bring them a pie or cookies or something just to say "Thank you."  

3)  You can make a donation to one of the many veteran's groups like Wounded Warriors or others.

4)  If you see someone in the military now in uniform, just tell them "Thank you for what you are doing.  I will pray for you."  Your words can mean a lot to encourage them, and after you leave then say a prayer for them.

Our service members have given so much; let's find creative ways to give back to them!