Texas Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Granddaughter

January 09, 2016Jan 09, 2016

It might sound like the plot of a time travel movie, but a woman in Texas has recently given birth to her own granddaughter. But she didn't achieve this feat with a DeLorean but rather through the advancements of medical science. And she did it postmenopausal at the age of 53.

According to a FOX News affiliate, 53-year-old Tracey Thompson's daughter Kelley McKissack was dealing with infertility when Tracey offered to become a surrogate mother for Kelley and her husband Aaron.

Several medical treatments allowed Tracey to carry the baby after the embryo was implanted, and this Wednesday she gave birth to a healthy girl at The Medical Center of Plano.

Kelley praised her mother's actions, saying “My lovely mom offered to give me to greatest gift I could ever have in my life.”

Is this a beautiful act? Or bizarre one? Or both?