Texas Stands Against Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

July 01, 2015Jul 01, 2015

What does the latest marriage ruling mean for county clerks and other city officials whose job it is to perform marriages but do not agree with same-sex marriage?


Will their First Amendment rights of speech and religion be smothered by what many are calling the U.S. Supreme Court's total abuse of Constitutional interpretation? 

That's the question Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, is addressing. According to this Fox News article, AG Paxton warns that city officials who decline to officiate over same-sex marriages may face lawsuits or fines. 

But Paxton is promising to defend any that don't want to perform same-sex marriages, saying he will do "everything I can from this office to be a public voice" for them. He also says that there are many lawyers who are ready and willing to defend such dissenters, free of charge. 

We have not yet seen how intense the litigation will be over same-sex marriage refusals or how much religious dissenters will sacrifice. But Paxton is standing for our religious liberties: "Importantly, the reach of the Court’s opinion stops at the door of the First Amendment and our laws protecting religious liberty.”

What do you think? Do you think city officials should have to marry sex-sex couples if they fundamentally don't agree with it? If it were you, how much would you sacrifice to stand up for your beliefs? We would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!