Texas Police on the Hunt for Suspect After Robbery, Beating of 77-Year-Old

November 03, 2017Nov 03, 2017

Fox News has reported that police are searching for a panhandler after a 77-year-old man, who gave the panhandler $5, was found robbed, beaten, and dumped on the side of the road. 


Fort Worth police said the victim had withdrawn money from an ATM at a darkened gas station at around 3 am on Wednesday. He was located at a Texaco station at 1525 Berry Street. This is when the old man noticed a panhandler approaching him. Police described him as a black man in his 50s, who was wearing jeans and a maroon and white jacket. 

The old man responded kindly by giving the panhandler $5 dollars. But then, suddenly, the suspect forced the victim to enter into his vehicle, where a second suspect was also located. The vehicle was a gray or silver early 2000s Buick sedan with only a temporary license plate on the back.  

A half-hour later, the old man was found on the side of the road about two miles north of the gas station. He had been kidnapped, robbed, and beaten. The condition of the victim is still unknown. 

Dallas News had encouraged anybody with information about the attack to contact police at 817-392-4469. 


Soon after reports of this crime came to public attention, a picture from the surveillance camera of the gas station was released. Surveillance cameras display that the suspect's maroon and white jacket had the letter "O" on it. It also displays that the suspect was wearing a maroon hat. 

In recent news, a decision was just reached in the Bowe Bergdahl sentencing. 

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