Texas Mom Mauled to Death by Her Own 2 Dogs, Try and Guess the Breed

March 26, 2019Mar 26, 2019

A woman in Texas has just lost her life after being attacked by her own two dogs. The animals mauled her to death as she tried to feed them.

The incident happened in Texas. Now, officials are releasing more details about the tragic event.

"The victim, Johana Villafane, was visiting the dogs Saturday when she was attacked in an outside exercise area, according to the statement. The animals had been under quarantine after escaping Villafane’s yard weeks ago and biting her neighbor, the statement says," according to People.

The woman was the owner of two pit bulls. The dogs viciously attacked her until she was completely disfigured.

"When staffers at the facility noticed Villafane’s visit was running a little long, they went to check in on her, discovering the mom of two on the ground and bleeding while her dogs attacked her," wrote People.

911 was immediately called and officers arrived on the scene. The dogs acted aggressively towards the officers and were shot on sight. The woman did not survive her injuries.

This is such a tragic story. Villafane leaves behind two children. Please join us in praying for them now and in the future.

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