Texas Mattress Store Apologizes After 9/11 Sale Ad Sparks MASSIVE Outrage

September 09, 2016Sep 09, 2016

Yesterday, a photo went viral of a Coca-Cola display at Walmart in the shape of the Twin Towers with a 9/11 banner above it. Some people found it tasteless while others were upset Walmart took it down.

Today, according to The Blaze, a mattress store in San Antonio, Texas deleted their TV commercial from Facebook and even closed their store for a day after they received massive outrage and even death threats when their 9/11 sale ad went viral online. The ad for the "Twin Towers Sale" features two towers of mattress that two store employees knock to the ground before the store owner gasps dramatically and intones "We will never forget."

Take a look for yourself:

After igniting the ire of the internet, the store owner appeared on a local TV station to tearfully apologize and insist she didn't mean to offend anyone. Here's her apology and what she's planning to do to make amends:

The owner of the entire Miracle Mattress company, who has the same last name as the San Antonio store's owner, posted a letter on the company's Facebook page apologizing for the ad, saying he didn't know about it and calling it "tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11." He said he was "disgusted" and "incensed" and will be holding everyone involved in the video accountable.

Are you upset by the ad?