Texas Man Tests Petco's 'All Leashed Pets Welcome' Policy, Brings in Hilarious Animal

March 20, 2019Mar 20, 2019

Petco is well-known for proudly displaying a sign that welcomes customers to bring their pets into the store as long as the animals are on a leash. Most people would assume the company is talking about dogs and perhaps some cats.

However, one man in Texas had something else in mind. He wanted to see if the sign truly meant that all pets are welcome. He did something incredible that has since gone viral!

The full video can be seen below:

"A man and woman from Texas couldn’t help but laugh as they recently walked their leashed steer into a Houston-area Petco to really see if 'all leashed pets are welcome' at the store. To Shelly Lumpkin and Oliver Browning’s surprise, the African Watusi was welcomed 'with open arms,' Browning wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. 'The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location...our favorite Petco BY FAR!!'" according to Fox News.

The incident made for quite the laugh on social media. The humongous steer can be seen walking into the store and calm looking around. Everyone appears to be getting a real kick out of the hilarious moment.

"Oliver is owned and trained by Browning for rodeos and other shows, and although it’s not clear exactly how much he weighs, African Watusi bulls can reach 1,600 pounds, according to the Livestock Conservancy. Oliver has his own Facebook page, which is updated regularly," according to Fox.

The company didn't say if they have any plans to carry specific food for the large steer in the near future. Time will tell. This was an awesome story!

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