Texas Lawmaker Has STRONG WORDS For Target

April 29, 2016Apr 29, 2016

Target took a strong stance last week when they publicly announced that all of its customers and employees can use any bathroom in their stores that correspond with their self-determined "gender identity" regardless of whether it matches their biological sex.

According to the The Texas Tribune, State Rep. Matt Shaheen said he'd like to help all the stores in Texas. Help them move out of his state, that is. The lawmaker is also working with colleagues to draft legislation that would restrict bathrooms to people's biological sex.


Shaheen said, "If Target wants to close all their stores in the state of Texas, I will go over and help them pack and help them leave. I will die on this issue politically. I am going to bat for my wife and my daughters."

What do you think of that?

Meanwhile, a "Boycott Target Pledge" has achieved over 1,054,000 signatures as of Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central.