Texas Grandma Takes Law Into Her Own Hands

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

ABC 13 reports that a local grandma, while home alone in Katy, Texas, opened fire on two home invasion suspects Monday, killing one. The second suspect, upon hearing the local grandma fire her gun, ran away from the grandma in fear, disappearing out of sight.

The 60-year old grandmother was home alone when she heard two suspects, both of them armed, break into her garage. Other people live at home with the grandmother, but the suspects entered the home through her garage during a time when she was there alone.

The grandmother didn’t waste any time hesitating over what to do and quickly grabbed her handgun. Although the suspects were armed and dangerous, she confronted them, took her handgun, and fired several times at both subjects.

Neighbor Catherine Hanks praised the grandma’s bravery.

“It’s just, you know what, in the state of Texas, you’re gonna get on somebody’s property, you’re gonna get shot. That’s just the way we are, that’s Texas,” she remarked to ABC 13.

It’s not clear if the woman injured the other suspect when she fired her gun. Investigators are also trying to determine whether this was a crime of opportunity, or whether the two men targeted the grandmother’s house specifically.

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